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Opt for Yacht Charters Kolkata and discover the heritage and unique charm of this mystical city. Embark on a memorable sail in a luxury yacht amid utmost comfort, grandeur and savour the essence of the Ganges which is among the greatest rivers worldwide.

Relax, unwind and simply chill out with your friends or family on your sailing holiday. The hospitality onboard will surely strike a chord in your heart. Relax and enjoy the unhurried cruise which will give you more than enough time to take in the scenic loveliness of the natural world.

You will have a wonderful time onboard as the vessel charts a course through the delightful little villages and towns of rural West Bengal. En route you can take pleasure in the assorted mix of temples and ruins of dynasties. You will be spellbound by the altering vista of rural river life encompassing fishermen casting their nets to farmers tending to their fields.

 West Coast Marine India - Yacht Charter Kolkata
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The Ganges has tremendous religious significance as no other river is considered as holy or is worshipped at length as the Ganges in India. Soak up the essence of Kolkata on your sailing holiday and prepare to be mesmerized by the ambience of the old colonial French culture which is still evident at Chandannagore.

Set off on a Kolkata Yacht Charter holiday, enjoy a delightful cruise and experience the essence of this mystical city. A sailing holiday guarantees the experience of a lifetime. Kolkata is among the most unspoilt and finest sailing destinations in India as it is unaffected by mass tourism.

Set off on a Yacht Charter Holiday and enjoy a leisurely cruise along the best destinations worldwide. View a different bay and look forward to new views every day, each more scintillating than the last.


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