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DAN- FENDER which is a part of dan hill plast a/s, is one of the largest producers in the world of fenders and buoys for yachting, fishing, breeding and off-shore. Since 1982 we have produced quality fenders/buoys and today we are the market leaders as regards quality, design and services. This is one of the reasons why we have a worldwide exportation from Canada to New Zealand.

DAN-FENDER ® has a wide range of products, covering all requirements of both yachting and fishing, and so we also have fenders suitable for small dinghies as well as super yachts. For fishing we have marker buoys with buoyancies from 2.0 kg up to 675.0 kg.

All DAN-FENDER ® products are produced at our own factory in Denmark and we guarantee the same high quality of all our products. Quality is our trademark and DAN-FENDER ® has no intention of being the most low-priced brand of the market. We want, however, to be the best one both as regards quality, design and flexibility!

Our motto is: Quality that makes a Difference

Remember that fenders and roping protect you boat for 99% of the time! This is not the place for accepting compromises!

The product portfolio consist of :
Fenders – Cylindrical, Baloon, Center Hole, Mini. Fender Step (patent design), Bow, Pontoon Buoy – Mooring Buoy, marker, bar, Pick-up, throwing ball, Mini Mooring Buoy (Polyethylene and foam filled)
Covers For : Fender, Rigging Screw, Cable
Pockets for : Anchor and Winch handle Bo


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