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It is a fact that owning a yacht is the ultimate statement of affluence and luxury. Lots of corporate houses also own yachts.

It is not necessary to be a multi-billionaire to acquire Boats for Sale in India or embark on a cruise on the water. Luxury at reasonable rates is possible when you opt for the services of an experienced company in Goa & Mumbai which offers attractive schemes as well.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services - Boats for Sale in India

West Coast Marine Yacht Services offers an attractive option of partial ownership of yachts. This brings down the total cost of acquiring a Yacht for Sale in India by over 65 per cent. For instance, a person can acquire a cruiser by paying around 20-25 lakhs.

If you are a seafarer but are uncertain as to where you should initiate the process of sailing get in touch with West Coast Marine at the earliest. Charter a yacht for an exciting excursion at sea with family and friends.

A group of eight to 10 persons can cruise around the lively city of Mumbai for four hours for a minimum cost of Rs 6,000-15,000 an hour depending on the yacht size. Expect to shell out more if you opt for bigger boats. The cost of the staff that will manoeuvre the yacht is included in the rates. Extra expenses include food and beverages, fuel and supplementary costs.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services - Yacht for Sale in India

A sailing boat holiday is a good option to break free from the monotony of daily life. West Coast Marine Yacht Services charges Rs 20,000 to 30,000 per person for a cruise onboard a luxury boat. This is for a two-day tour for a maximum intake of 10 from Mumbai to Murud, a charming coastal town located close to the city.

Customers are encouraged to decide on a sailing yacht instead of power boats as they are costly to buy and maintain and do not possess the same level of engagement.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services has splendid sailing programmes. Opt for the beginner’s course if you are a novice. The rates are about Rs 1,000-1,500 an hour. Professional certifications comprise Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore. The programmes include two modules. The person is initially instructed to sail different boats followed by the navigation techniques. Select a course as per your convenience on weekends or over three consecutive days. The cost for the course starts at Rs 15,000 but can escalate if the individual takes longer. Certifications are offered in alliance with national as well as international programmes.

After experiencing the joys of sailing, if you wish to be on the water frequently devoid of the hassle of acquiring a boat opt for the timeshare option. A person can select a package ideally suited for their requirements.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services India - Boats for Sale in Mumbai

Boats for Sale in Mumbai

Companies offer different combos for this option. The greater the amount you present upfront, the more economical it gets. The number of hours would differ depending on the kind and size of yacht a person opts for. The bigger the boat you select the lesser the hours. Power Boats for Sale in Mumbai cost around Rs 7 lakh to Rs 10 lakh as per the size and is accompanied with unlimited sailing hours. This essentially means that you can book the boat whenever you want but you must bear the fuel cost. Timeshare programmes cost anywhere between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.2 lakh a year.

Fractional ownership is the subsequent step should you desire to pursue your passion for sailing. Aashim Mongia, Managing Director, West Coast Marine opines that this option is preferred by professionals and entrepreneurs who wish to sail devoid of the hassle of maintaining the boat.

Fractional ownership is possible without meeting the other person. The company acquires the yacht as soon as they have the qualified three or five members wishing to own a boat. The agreement includes the names of all the owners. The boat however stays with the company which is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. Whenever a person wants to go on a cruise they simply have to log on to the firm’s website, choose the available dates and book.

An A-classified, ocean-going 55-ft long Yacht for Sale in Mumbai which can comfortably accommodate eight to 10 persons costs Rs 8-10 crore. Smaller boats with restricted passenger capacity can cost around Rs 80 lakh. Apart from paying for the boat, additional annual maintenance charges starts at Rs 2.5 lakh a year for every owner in case there’s a group of five. This includes insurance, maintenance, parking cost, dry docking and so forth.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services India - Yacht for Sale in Mumbai

Partial ownership has its fair share of drawbacks. Owners must necessarily maintain definite decorum as well as cleanliness specified by the company. The companies can segregate the sailing hours as per their discretion among the proprietors on special occasions such as Diwali or New Year. Jitendra Rami, Head, Operations, West Coast Marine states that the ownership contract is between five people for five years and each year, a different owner will get the yacht.

After the contract ends owners can sell the yacht or exit as per their requirement. Others might purchase their share at the depreciated value. As per the budget and ownership change the companies subsequently enter into a new agreement.

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