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Yacht Charter is a wide term in itself. It acts as an umbrella name for the variety of charters available. Which type of charter to choose depends a lot upon your itinerary, your sailing qualifications and your budget. Before chartering a yacht it is essential to differentiate between the various types of yacht charters available to avoid any kind of hiccups later.

Bareboat charter: A bareboat charter requires a sailing qualification before sailing a yacht charter. If one possesses the aforementioned requirements one can hire a yacht from the many available options, keeping in mind the cost. Proper instructions and details of how to handle a yacht are provided by the yacht suppliers.

Assisted charter: Even after possessing the necessary qualifications if you are not sure or comfortable of handling the charter yourself, skippers are provided to help you learn to Charter a Yacht on a day to day basis, and even hourly basis. And once you are through with your practise and are confident of handling the yacht yourself, you can very easily take the lead.

Charter a Yacht
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Skippered charter: When you are keen to travel and charter a yacht and do not possess the necessary qualification, skippered charters are the solution to your problem. The skipper takes charge of the yacht charter, andyou can both relax and enjoy the blue sea, the distant clear sky, the magnificent landscape or you can help the skipper sail the yacht.  The skipper acts like a jenny  on the boat taking care of all your needs and desires while with the priority of keeping you and the yacht safe from any kind of mishaps. He stays on the yacht with you, helps to plan your itinerary and abides by your wishes. Making your dream yacht charter journey a reality.

Flotillas: Sometimes you like to sail alone on a yacht charter but feel safer around the company of other yachts. Flotillas do that for you. You can choose to sail in a group or alone during the day, while in the evening you would be assured to have a place for you on the harbour. You get help regarding the berthing and casting off people. And when things don’t go up to the mark you always have Flotilla captain for your assistance. A yacht charter flexible to your needs.

Luxury yacht charter: As the word depicts luxury yacht charters are all about luxury, lavishness and privacy.Luxury Yacht Charters have a number of advantages to their name making them a perfect yacht charter of your dreams. One can choose to go at the desired destinations at their own pace. The itinerary of the journey completely depends on their will and choice, giving them a lot of freedom on deck.

Luxury Yacht Charter (crewed): This is the perfect example of how to live life king size while on a yacht charter vacation. One can easily opt for crew members onboard. They will serve you, cook for you, advise you and help you prepare your itinerary while you sit on deck and have a sip of lime, read a book or snorkel, swim or relish the beauty of the landscape. In short, they will do it all to make it the most memorable experience of your life.

There is a lot to explore when it comes to yacht chartering. So it is very important to choose the right kind of yacht charter to make your holiday a memory to cherish for a lifetime while keeping your budget minimum. So be wise, and choose nice.

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