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Lakshadweep is a stunning cluster of 36 islands with unlimited possibilities for tourism. It is a fascinating Luxury Yacht Charter destination. It is the smallest Union Territory of India with submerged banks, atolls and reefs. The inhabited islands in this amazing Yacht Charter destination are Agatti, Andrott, Bitra, Amini, Kadmat, Chetlat, Kiltan, Kalpeni, Minicoy and Kavaratti. Embark on a relaxing sailing yacht charter and experience the allure of this charming sailing destination!

There are questionable theories regarding the coral atoll formations in this scenic sailing destination. However the most accepted theory elucidates how the foundation of the islands underneath the reef and the volcanic formation over the corals settled and assembled fringing reefs. These were afterwards altered to barrier reefs and ultimately to atolls owing to the geological submergence of the volcanic support.

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Kalpeni is a must-visit spot on your Lakshadweep yacht holiday for its lagoon. The lagoon is moderately shallow and superlative for different kinds of stimulating water sports. The gigantic storm bank of coral debris along the south-eastern and eastern shoreline is an unusual facet of Kalpeni atoll. The tiny islets Pitti, Tilakkam and the unoccupied Cheriyam of Kalpeni with the dazzling lagoon among them are famous for its scenic loveliness. For your enjoyment there are hire Sailboats, Kayaks and Pedal Boats.

Agatti is among Lakshadweep’s most gorgeous lagoons and is also a virtual entryway to the spectacular islands as it has the sole airport in the island. The unpopulated islands of Thinnakara, Bangaram, Parali-I and Parali-II are close to this splendid terrain.

Minicoy is Lakshadweep’s southernmost isle and is geographically cut off from the other islands. Experience the inimitable mix of South Indian and Maldivian culture on this isle. Minicoy is another fascinating stopover on your Lakshadweep Yacht Holiday.

Kavaratti is Lakshadweep’s administrative hub and is also the most urbanized island. There are about 52 mosques all through the island and the beautiful Ujra mosque is a well-known tourist attraction. The mosque has an elaborately carved ceiling which was allegedly carved from a portion of driftwood.

Kavaratti is an ideal sailing destination with numerous opportunities for exciting water sports and swimming. If you prefer a relaxed yacht charter holiday there are quite a few sandy beaches ideal for sun basking. The Marine Aquarium exhibits an extensive array of marine life along with a huge assortment of specimens. For a unique experience enjoy a ride on glass-bottomed boats and experience the exotic undersea world. For added thrills you can hire Sailing Boats and Kayaks.

Kadmat is an ideal retreat if you crave a bit of seclusion on your yacht holiday. It is famous for its sheltered tourist huts, its fine lagoon of level depth and long stretches of shoreline perfect for swimming. The splendid shallow lagoon on the west along with a fine lagoon on the east is an ideal place to enjoy exciting water sports. The green coconut palm leaves form a natural canopy over the entire region and safeguards it from the sun’s rays.

Visit this exquisitely beautiful destination on your next yacht holiday. A Lakshadweep Sailing Yacht Charter is one you will remember everlastingly.

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