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It’s been a while since you have heard from us…

The main reason is we have been keeping our heads down and working on new developments. Over the last two years we have developed Mandwa Port which is a water front development – the first of its kind where we have opened a couple of restaurants, developed the infrastructure and also in the process opened – India’s first container park called the Beach Box. Our restaurant called ‘Boardwalk by Flamboyante’ is trending in the top 10 restaurants in Mumbai today. As a destination Mandwa has become the top weekend getaway from Mumbai,  local businesses have grown, the boat charter market is up 30 % new sales have restated and our Principals Gulfcraft have sold a 36 HT from Silvercraft for the first time in 5 years. Small steps for a stagnant market but things are beginning to move slowly but surely….

There is also good news on the legislative front where after years of lobbying with the government the DG shipping has taken our guidelines for pleasure craft which will ease the ownership process and make boating more pleasurable.

We have lots of news for you to catch up on from the new launch of the new Nomad 55 to the new Micron 77 and our winning an award at the International paints seminar.

I look forward to seeing you all on the water for some exciting times ahead.