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Yacht Refit refers to any kind of maintenance or repair work on yachts to either upgrade an existing vessel or improve its durability. Nowadays lots of recent features are incorporated in the yacht during the process of refit to impart a new & trendy look to the vessel.

Certain common things are taken care of during Yacht Repair to ensure that the existing vessel looks as good as new. This includes:

  • Yearly servicing
  • Electronic equipment upgrade & Electrical wire repair.
  • Engine repair
  • Antifouling, Epoxy coating & osmosis treatment among others.

If the vessel is used extensively refitting should be done once every year. Ensure that the refitting is done in a proper manner to transform your yacht into a vessel of luxury & opulence. Yacht refit also helps to improve a yacht’s functionality.
West Coast Marine India Yacht Services - Yacht Refit MumbaiYacht Refit and Repair Services include:

  • Provision of staff such as Skilled and unskilled labour/crew along with Technical supervisory staff.
  • Technical Management of the yacht refit.
  • Hull washing, de rusting, tank cleaning and painting
  • Supply of Awlgrip products along with International Yacht Paints
  • Teak decking installation in addition to repairs
  • Hard Space and Dock Space.
  • Underwater works encompassing anodes, rudders and shafts, propellers, seachests, engine and machinery overhauls along with bow thrusters.
  • Engineering services: association with contractors & suppliers for new installation of gensets and air-conditioning as well as main engines.
  • Canage for lifts plus supply of porta cabins, containers and so forth.
  • Technical expertise of the painting process as well as painting of the hull and superstructure.
  • Services at dock including electrical, water, sewage disposal, office space, security, pilotage, towing, dock in addition to port liaison.
  • Supply and revamp of the safety and fire systems.
  • Electrical services
  • Supply of equipments as well as spares from Overseas as well as Indian suppliers.
  • SS and Brass chandlery supply
  • Yacht Management Services
  • Interiors refit including Designing and execution.
  • Transfer, clearing as well as forwarding of spares to different parts in India.
  • Supply plus overhauls of the navigation and communication equipments

Prior to taking out an old yacht at sea it is advisable to opt for a yacht refit owing to irreparable damage which might be caused by inclement weather conditions. After the yacht refit rest assured that the yacht’s performance will once again be akin to that of a new build. Contact West Coast Marine Yacht Refit Mumbai today.