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Yacht Chandlery Suppliers in India: Marlow Ropes

Marlow manufactures ropes well-suited for yachting & marine applications. Marlow employs more than 300 people at its factory sited in the South of England and is among the major synthetic fibre rope manufacturers worldwide. Marlow has a strong repute in the realm of rope manufacture and is the primary yacht rope manufacturer in the sailing world since its inception in 1803 when cordage was first made. West Coast Marine Yacht Chandlery Suppliers India is an authorised dealer for Marlow ropes.

The yacht rope designer has an impressive selection of fibre presentation, fibre type, U.V. treatment and strand and rope construction ideally suited to the dissimilar requirements of halyards, guys, sheets, anchor warps as well as mooring lines. In making these selections Marlow can tap into a massive reservoir of development that has been skilfully carried out over the last 4 decades.

The leisure marine division of Marlow produces ropes for Cruisers, Superyachts, Grand Prix Racers, Classic Boats as well as Dinghies. Marlow strives to match and surpass the requirements of each sailor with constant R&D from the technical department and forge relationships with the largest, fastest and most high-tech yachts as well as dinghies worldwide.

Marlowbraid is a twisted 3-strand core which gives a lesser amount of stretch as compared with the braid-on-braid and necessitates lesser rig adjustments while cruising. The sturdy polyester jacket guarantees greater longevity as well as excellent abrasion resistance. It is easy to splice and is an excellent all round rope for a majority of the on board applications.

Doublebraid contains a 12 strand braided polyester core and braided polyester 24 plait cover. Marble Colour provides bold and easy to identify lines. Braid on Braid construction ensures that it is effortlessly spliced. This versatile rope can be effortlessly used on a majority of applications on sailing boats.

Mattbraid contains a12 strand braided polyester core along with 24 plait matt polyester cover. The soft matt cover provides added grip and comfort particularly for sailors when they are handling the rope when it is wet or dry. It also knots and splices without difficulty.

UHMPE ropes have a lot of benefits in towing applications. Due to their high strength they can effortlessly meet the rising demands of the towing environment nowadays. As they are light-weight they can be easily handled and they also increase the ease and speed of connection to the towed vessel. Positive buoyancy ensures that the rope floats which leads to easy transfer during emergency situations. Increased safety is assured due to the low extension and limited or no recoil on failure.

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