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Rather than move onto a new vessel it is a good idea to opt for Yacht Refit Services. After all, you know how your vessel performs at sea and are also aware of her strengths & weaknesses.

Yacht Refit Services include installation of new engines, an electric panel, putting a fresh coat of paint, aligning the running gear or adding a bigger battery tank, bow thrusters and high output charging system.

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It is a good idea to install high-quality and reliable gear for your vessel. The success of a superyacht refit depends predominantly on the decisions taken before the refit process. These are the refit tips to aid in a smooth and trouble-free process and steer clear of time delays and possible headaches.

  • Deal with them and don’t be intimidated by the unforeseen problems which will surely crop up during the process.
  • Discover the probable bottlenecks in the refit process as early as possible.
  • Don’t procrastinate prior to taking important decisions.
  • Do focus on the vessel’s key & structure systems. It is vital to get these aspects right.
  • Do anticipate that the refit will be a lot more high-priced and time-consuming than your preliminary estimate.

A superyacht might necessitate extensive refit such as major mechanical, structural, electrical work and not just maintenance. A change of ownership invariably results in the new owners wanting to put their stamp on the yacht. This includes updating the interior décor or a probable change in the accommodation. Classification requirements might also create the need for a refit.

Follow these Tips for a successful Yacht Refit:

Smart skippers commence the planning process at least six months in advance. Allocate a generous contingency of time as well as budget. Minimise adding additional jobs to the list and prioritise your refit goals. It is important to be proactive before the refit process. Parts procurement is an essential step in the planning process.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services India - Yacht Refit
Image Source: www.westcoastmarine.co.in

When you opt for competent Yacht Refit Services, rest assured that your yacht will look as good as new and will be back on the water soon.

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