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Regardless of whether you opt for a new or pre-owned Yacht for Sale it is prudent to know more about the different boat brands along with their duration in business, quality as well as their market share. Consider these aspects prior to buying a yacht for optimum results as acquiring a new vessel is a high-priced proposition.

Pre Owned Yacht for Sale in India - 31 SFExamine the Yacht for Sale in India: Regardless of whether you decide on a new or pre-owned vessel, there are certain things you should necessarily inspect before signing a contract. Take a test drive of the yacht and go for an out-of-water inspection to check the following areas scrupulously:

  • Deck, including hardware
  • Floors and siding
  • Batteries, Bilge
  • Riggings and sails
  • Electrical systems & the Engine
  • Hull, Propeller and shaft
  • Fuel tanks
  • Upholstery
  • Steering, throttle along with other operational controls.

Prior to acquiring a pre-owned Boats for Sale it is a good idea to get information linked with the boat’s history. Important queries include ascertaining the number of hours the vessel has been at sea; if she has been kept in storage and determining if there are any maintenance records.

Pre Owned Yacht for Sale in India - 31 WATesting the different parts of a yacht is essential prior to purchasing it. Purchasing a yacht in India is a big investment which is why you must inspect the vessel thoroughly prior to arriving at a decision. Raise the sails, test the heater, check for mildew and lower the anchor to test the vessel.

See to it that the vessel you are inspecting is mechanically sound and is well-maintained too. West Coast Marine Boat Sales India can assist you to select the perfect vessel and can offer an expert opinion on the vessel’s compression check, engine and ensuing hook-up to a diagnostic computer for the most favourable results.

Avail the services of a professional to aid you in your inspection, particularly if you are buying a yacht for the first time. West Coast Marine has the know-how to help you in selecting an apt vessel as per your requirements.

If you wish to acquire a new or pre-owned yacht take the time to know more about the process by attending boat shows and reading boat buying guides. Settle on your requirements in the vessel you wish to acquire so that the boat buying process is simpler for you in the long run.

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