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Fiberglass boats get their fair share of scratches and damage due to the impact of the waves or due to the decay of core wood. However a fiberglass boat is quite easy to repair & restore to its original state. All you require for this is a bit of know-how about the process along with a few tools and your fiberglass boat will be reinstated to its original state.

You can easily repair the vessel on your own if the damage is simply a light scratch or a slight dent. If you know how to repair your own vessel it is beneficial for you especially if any untoward incident occurs when you are in the middle of the lake. Keep in mind that not all the minor repairs can be done on your own since you may require specialized equipments which might not be available in your tool box.

Although Fiberglass Boats require less maintenance as compared to wooden boats they are not without problems either. They suffer from the usual damage caused due to collision, moisture and damages caused by the forces of nature. Enhance the performance and life span of your Fiberglass Yacht with proper repair & restoration.

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Holes and cracks are widespread problems in fiberglass boats and you can make use of epoxy resin in order to fill out these holes and cracks. Cracks are usually found near the bulkhead, window, debt to cabin curve and in the areas of laminate. It is important to remove contaminants such as mold release, oil and wax from the surface of the vessel. Employ a wax and silicone remover to swab the damaged area carefully. Dry the affected area with paper towels before the solvent evaporates then release the crack with a V-shaped tool.

Fix minor cracks inside the initial strand of mat layers of the laminate by means of epoxy. For this you have to wet the cracks out through a resin or hardener blend and then fill up the cracks using a solidified epoxy mixture. Let the mixture cure for sometime then sand the affected area to get a smooth & even finish. Remove any bumps with sandpaper then use gel coat to finish the area. After the repair is completed it is advisable to wash the whole painting surface by means of a solvent suggested by the paint manufacturer.

Hull and deck repair are also important aspects of yacht repair & restoration. Scrutinize the dented spot on the hull and determine if the GRP is uncovered or the gel coat is chipped. Fix the gel coat on your own as the substitute coat is in liquid form. Find it and paint it on and then make sure that the coats are wholly cured and painted to go well with the hull.

With proper Yacht Repair you can anticipate less breakage, enjoy extra time on the water and cut superfluous costs. Enjoy sailing with a well-maintained and well-conditioned fiberglass boat for a safe, secure and enjoyable cruise with your friends and family.


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