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Follow these tips prior to Purchasing a Yacht in India.

Virtual tours at websites give excellent views of the interior and outer surface of the yacht you are thinking of acquiring. Depending on your personal taste and the impression you wish to make you can select the colour schemes and wall hangings.

Think of the type of yacht, decide on the size of the yacht you need and the reason you require it. Do you intend to use it for cruising or fishing? Do you plan to entertain guests on your yacht? Where do you plan to berth the yacht and do you intend to live on board at times? Also ascertain if you have the experience to manoeuvre the yacht on your own or do you require the services of a crew?

West Coast Marine Yacht Services India - Purchase a Yacht
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Getting appropriate marine insurance is integral for your yacht. Also ascertain if the yacht you wish to buy is seaworthy. If possible, carry out a sea trial of the vessel and get a survey of the yacht done by a qualified person.

Examine the following parts of the vessel in depth such as electrical systems, hull, deck including hardware, batteries, riggings and sails, engine, fuel tanks, steering, throttle, other operational controls, bilge, upholstery, floors & siding along with propeller and shaft.

Get to know more about the yacht`s history if you are purchasing a pre-owned vessel. Has the yacht been kept in storage? See the maintenance records. Ascertain the distance she has travelled and the hours she has been at sea.

A yacht is a huge investment so it is important to inspect the vessel properly prior to making a decision. Test the heater, lower the anchor and check for rot or mildew.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services India - Purchase a Yacht in India
Image Source: www.westcoastmarine.co.in

Consider your budget prior to making a purchase. The budget dictates the size of yacht you can afford. If you dedicate enough time for this investment you will surely get your money’s worth.

Sailing is a splendid way to soak up the splendours of the sea. Purchase a Yacht in India and fulfil your yachting dreams.

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