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Suzuki Marine Out Board Motors India (OBM)

Marine Equipments India: Suzuki has been “building up” to its outstanding accomplishment for years as a motor company rather than a boat company. After all, no other outboard company can compare with Suzuki’s revolutionary technology and experience in designing lightweight & high-output 4-stroke engines for the marine, motorcycle, automobile as well as ATV markets globally.

This experience was also backed by an unwavering dedication to 4-stroke technology. Suzuki stuck with its original objective even as other companies tried out alternative 2-stroke technologies to cater to the clean air standards. Suzuki is synonymous with the best, trustworthy, powerful 4-strokes that are an ideal fit for the boats in this day and age.

The fantastic outcome can be witnessed in the industry’s biggest all-4-stroke line-up. Suzuki presents a powerful alternative to every boater regardless of whether it is the mini-might 2.5 horsepower portable or the latest flagship 4-liter 300-horsepower V6. Select from the impressive array of twenty models, each crammed with superior features and cutting edge technology one might expect from the undisputed 4-stroke leader.

Although it has scaled the summit, Suzuki is not through with climbing. Bigger and better things are surely expected from Suzuki in the near future. The amazingly quiet, powerful and fuel efficient 4-strokes provide reliability and unmatched performance which boaters are on the lookout for.

Everything you anticipate from your outboard motor such as quality, reliability & innovation is delivered by Suzuki in its inimitable style. Enhance your boating experience with Suzuki Marine and demand the best from the products you opt for.

West Coast Marine Yacht Services are the Authorized Distributors for Suzuki Out Board Mortors (OBM). It is also the Authorized ‘After Sales Service Center’ in India for Suzuki OBM.

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