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Fixtech or Fixing Technology was initiated in Australia owing to the requirement for a non-yellowing, white marine sealant. Fixtech has offices in South East Asia, Australia and Far East Asia. The worldwide proactive distributors of this product ensure that the customers receive a superior sealant as well as adhesive product range which bonds effortlessly. With excellent individual technical support in addition to the highest degree of personal customer service levels, this product is all set to out-perform the customers’ expectations.

The Fixtech Range of Sealants includes Marine Sealants, Transport Sealants & Construction Sealants.

Marine Sealants include:

  • structural bonding sealants
  • window sealants
  • teak deck bonding
  • fuel resistant sealants
  • teak deck sealants
  • teak adhesives and timber glues
  • deck to hull sealant &
  • above and below waterline sealants

Transport Sealants include:

  • structural bonding sealants
  • window sealants
  • fuel resistant sealants
  • flooring sealants
  • hardwood adhesives and timber glues &
  • finishing sealants

Construction Sealants include:

  • expansion joint sealants
  • window sealants
  • hardwood & softwood adhesives
  • construction joint sealants &
  • timber and joinery glues

Fixtech designs its first-rate products to go well with the changing climates and conditions of use. The range of superior adhesive sealants is being used worldwide in dissimilar forms.

Fixtech has a continual commitment to achieve a first-rate product range which is why the range is being developed constantly and includes:

  • Black and white Teak Deck Caulking
  • PU Gun Foams & PU Foams for sealing and adhesives
  • Window Adhesive Sealant systems for glass and acrylic
  • MS Polymer series of adhesive sealants in white, black and clear
  • Extra fine 2-pack white finishing fillers
  • Fuel Tank Adhesive Sealants
  • PU Adhesives for wood and timber &
  • An all-inclusive range of application tools

Fixtech offers the finest quality range of products to their clientele. New standards are also set for UV resistance in addition to colour stability, chalking resistance, strength, product user friendliness, paintability as well as durability.

Fixtech’s impressive range of marine sealants, construction sealants & transport sealants will assist in reducing the overall production and manufacturing costs and will also reduce warranty claims. This in turn will give the purchaser a better and long term product.

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