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India’s pleasure-boating industry’s need of the hour is AWARENESS…effective platforms that allow the classes and the masses to know that we (the pleasure-boating industry) are present in India are most essential.

Over the years, many attempts for an effective and ground-breaking boat show have been witnessed. And over time, the number, size and class of boat shows has been increasing…
December of last year witnessed the maiden Goa International Marine & Boat Expo – a show that garnered much support from the local authorities of Goa as well as its glitterati.

Substantial in size despite being its first time, the GIMBE’09 showed that quality of showmanship and the flair currently associated to pleasure-boating in India are what drive crowds towards it.
All companies were out in their livery and the crowd that attended was quite enthralled with both the on-water and on-land displays. The show rung in good prospective clients and also a few sales were made as it happened.
Most exciting of all boat shows would be the IMF Boating Days 10. It is the boat show of the boating industry, for the boating industry and by the boating industry.
Make sure you are there to witness THE future of boat shows as it unfolds at the end of this month at Gateway of India (On-Water) and Cooperage Ground…
Together all boat shows would generate the essence of the interest in pleasure-boating for our country.