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There are a number of ways of curing seasickness but the easiest one is to feed yourself with saltine crackers and Dry Ginger Ale. They help in curing stomach malady.

Also one of the natural remedy suggested for seasickness is ginger. Carry a lot of ginger with you on the sailing Yacht Charter.

Remedial measures for seasickness:

There exists no remedy for seasickness though we can take some preventive measures to cure it. The preventive measures require a doctor’s prescription like antihistamine medications such as Dramamine and patches worn behind the ear. For some, Sea bands provide solace while they might not work in other cases. Ginger on the other hand is a natural remedy that may help in even extreme cases of seasickness. One should make a provision for it always on the Sailboats.

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If there are people in your crew who are prone to seasickness, a catamaran Boat for Rent is a better option than hiring a monohull. For cats have an additional beam which provides more stability than monohulls hence reducing the probability of seasickness or motion sickness.

Visual signals create problems on a Yacht Rental. Try minimising the perception of motion by drawing your concentration towards the horizon. Avoid having alcohol or eating spicy food if you are prone to seasickness. While on a sailing boat prefer bland diet to ease your stomach. Try not to get overheated. And stay in the cockpit away from the sun. One of the best ways to avoid seasickness is to drive a Charter Yacht.

Thus one should not get scared of seasickness for it is preventive.  Renting a yacht can give you memories that stay back with you forever, so why sacrifice it for a small hiccup? Keep chartering!

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