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Mumbai also known as Bombay is the most populous city in India. Known for its deep natural harbours, Mumbai can be easily referred to as the water capital of India. The city lies at the mouth of the Ulhas River on the western coast of India. It sits on Salsette Island and is bounded by the Arabian Sea to the west. Blessed with water bodies, the water city marks a great opportunity for Yacht Charter, opening a gateway to explore its spectacular and mesmerising tourist attractions.

To have a completely new insight of Mumbai, Charter a Yacht and explore the city and its beauty.On a Yacht Holiday Cross Island marks a must visit place. It is a deserted islet located near Mumbai harbour and is situated off the shoreline of Dockyard Road. It is an ideal place for experiencing serenity and peace of mind in the otherwise hustle bustle Mumbai life.

Another admirable location to visit is Butcher Island. Also known as Jawahar Dweep is positioned off the Indian shoreline at Mumbai. This place has an oil terminal which is utilized by the port establishment. It is a controlled region and the largest part of this island is covered with inaccessible and thick foliage. Located near the Gateway of India, it has a small picturesque hill ascending from the middle of an island, adding to its aesthetics.

Middle ground forms yet another Mumbai landmark. Positioned on the Thane Creek, it lies a few hundred meters from the Gateway of India. The isle is in reality a piece of tough basalt rock, growing out of the stream bed, and is not more than a few hundred square meters. The island is the saluting pedestal of the Indian Navy, to the esteemed Western Naval Command’s Commander-in-Chief. You can witness the sound when the guns are fired with a bugle call whilst a new Commander-in-Chief is appointed which remains etched in your memories for long. An exceptional experience in itself.

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One of the most alluring and delightful experience is that of the Elephanta caves. The Elephanta Caves are a network of sculpted caves located on Elephanta Island, or Gharapuri (literally “the city of caves”) in Mumbai Harbour, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) to the east of the city of Mumbai. You can opt for Yachts for Charter from the Gateway of India, taking approximately two hours for the trip in the direction of the island and back. The Elephanta Island, located on an arm of the Arabian Sea, consists of two groups of caves—the first is a large group of five Hindu caves, the second, a smaller group of two Buddhist caves. There are quite a few hawkers and shops that sell artefacts, souvenirs and handicrafts that you can take back home as a souvenir of thy visit.

Mumbai and Thane are positioned on Salsette Island bordered by the Ulhas River on the northeast, by Vasai Creek on the north, by Thane Creek in addition to Bombay Harbor on the east and by the Arabian Sea on the south and west. The Borivali National Park and the three foremost lakes on the island Tulsi Lake, Powai Lake and Vihar Lake come with a promise of a breathtaking beauty with them.

Mumbai is a majestically rapturous city and to relish its beauty one should opt for Private Yachts for Charter and Luxury Yacht Charters. Chartering a yacht is quite simple, you don’t bother with paperwork and there is a wide range of yachts for you to choose from.Yacht Rent in Mumbai depends on a few factors such as the amenities, services included, the boat’s size, whether the yacht charter is bareboat or crewed and the duration for which you wish to charter the yacht.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get set for an exploration of a lifetime and memories to cherish forever.

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