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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a breathtaking destination for a Yacht Charter holiday. Nature lovers favour this destination due to the spotless surroundings, verdant foliage and the clean, fresh air. The waters of Bay of Bengal and tropical rain forests are the abode of an infinite group of animal, plant and aquatic life. Charter a luxury yacht and explore this breathtaking paradise.

The undulating islands are scattered with coconut palms, sheltered with the tropical forest and sprinkled with endless stretches of dazzling crescent shaped beaches. Tourists love this destination as they can take part in exciting activities such as camping, hiking, scuba diving and snorkelling. A wonderful mix of nature’s most prized delights, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands guarantee a one-off holiday experience.

In Cinque Island there is an irresistible allure of perfect beaches and under sea coral gardens. This is an ideal place for your Yacht Holidays as you can go swimming, scuba diving, camping and fishing with your friends.

Inside Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park you must stopover at Jolly Buoy Island for a splendid undersea view of the aquatic and coral life. This is the ideal place for snorkelling and lazing around on the sun kissed beach.

Havelock Island is close to Port Blair and is a heavenly resort amid dazzling beaches. You can also avail the camping service near Radhanagar beach. For unrivalled views of the aquatic life and corals, you must visit Red Skin Island in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

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Ross Island was in earlier times the capital of these Islands and the seat of British power. At present, the old structure is almost reduced to rubble. ‘Smritika’ is a small museum which contains antiques and photographs of the bygone era.

Approximately 135 kilometres from Port Blair is Barren Island, renowned as the terrain of volcano. In India, Barren Island is the sole active volcano. The island has a large hollow of the volcano which rises from the sea. Charter a Yacht and visit this island.

Chatham Island’s must visit tourist attraction is the Saw Mill, linked by a bridge above a stretch of sea-water. This is one of the oldest and largest Saw Mills in Asia. Themainl and Island waterfront and another harbour, Haddo are positioned nearby.

Viper Island is another must visit tourist spot. The original prison was built here which was deserted after the creation of Cellular Jail. View the gallows on top of a small hill, where prisoners were hanged.

National Memorial is an eminent three-storeyed prison and is a must visit destination for freedom fighters. This massive construction has wordlessly witnessed brutal atrocities on the convicts, who were predominantly freedom fighters. Presently it is renowned as a National Memorial.

On your sailing holiday you must stopover at the Fisheries Museum which is positioned close to the Andaman Water Sports Complex. Here you can see diverse species of oceanic life in the islands, found in the Bay of Bengaland the Indo-Pacific.

Get a Luxury Yacht Charter and explore the spectacular Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This is one yacht charter vacation you will remember for eternity.

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