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EXCITING PRODUCT LAUNCH: Silver Craft BLACK Limited Edition LAUNCHED…And Already 1 Sold Too!

Posted on by West Coast Marine Yacht Charter Services India

Yachts and power-boats look very tempting in their Ivory White glory…but once in a while you should dare to go BLACK! Silver Craft – India’s most loved brand of boats – launched the limited BLACK edition of their best-selling 31SF model.

When the owner asked how his new boat could be made personal and unique – coloring black was an option…and with what wonderful results!
As soon as the boat landed into the harbor, it generated much hype by passers-by and sailors.
The boat looks aggressive both at moorings as well as when she is underway making waves with her powerful engines. The gleaming black color makes its own statement – and definitely stands out compared to the rest of the white boats.
With customers’ tastes changing, so as also their appetite for personalization of their possessions – Silver Craft has gone a step ahead and also made Silver and other finishes available on their boats.
After adding power to the harbours of India from more than 15 years…it’s time to add some colors!