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With boats coming alongside constantly in Mumbai and Mandwa, having fenders on boats are as important as life jackets on people onboard. It’s the only way of making sure your boat doesn’t get damaged.

A full range is now available with us now from DAN-FENDER, a brand backed by more than 25 years of moulding high quality fenders and buoys. Rated among the best and largest producers of fenders and buoys world-wide, Dan Fenders has a large range to suit different needs.

Why Dan Fender?
Dan-Fender has chosen to have massive injection-moulded eyes that are strong and durable.
•    Instead of plastic valves, used in other brands, metal valves are used which they make inflation easy and the air remains where it has to be – in the fender/buoy.
•    The production of fenders/buoys (rotation moulding) may result in the presence of small invisible air holes in the material, as a consequence of which the product cannot keep the air. In order to test this, all products are tested under water, prior to being delivered to our customers, as a guarantee of the fact that the products delivered will also function as intended.
•    They are customizable and you can get them in the same paint scheme as your boat.
•    Value-for-money.