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Boat Chandlery Suppliers in India: Westerbeke

Westerbeke is the manufacturer and supplier of first-rate industrial generators, marine generators, marine engines as well as marine products for several of the leading yacht builders worldwide. It is the ultimate alternative for experienced boaters who demand excellent performance and dependability from their marine generator or marine engine.

Each Westerbeke product is individually designed, engineered as well as manufactured to deliver reliability even in the harshest of operating environments. With more than 75 years of research and development, Westerbeke has quite a few operational patents that have assisted in setting the yardstick by which the other industrial-grade & marine power systems are reviewed. West Coast Boat Chandlery Suppliers are authorised dealers for Westerbeke in products in India.

You will get incomparable performance from the products which are matched by the company’s commitment to back and support each product they sell via Westerbeke’s exceptional warranty. This encompasses an unmatched service network worldwide as well as customer service benefits that include an amazing information-comprehensive website.

Westerbeke’s D-NET™ diesel generators offer a much more competent wiring option to boat builders and owners as the approved NMEA 2000® components can effortlessly connect to a single cable. This cable supplies power and integrates all onboard data communication via an amazing array of certified controls, navigation systems, instruments and displays. D-NET™ generator decreases the necessity for running a load of intricate wiring throughout a vessel, is economical, weighs less and also simplifies and hastens installation of a majority of electronic components. Westerbeke`s impressive D-NET™ marine generators include digital controls for effortless, intuitive operations. Scrollable digital displays offer clear, comprehensive information as well as diagnostics with LED lights that permit at-a-glance monitoring of vital functions.

Westerbeke marine gas engines, marine diesel engines and Century marine diesel engines are exclusively designed for difficult marine applications and the engines represent a breakthrough in quietness, compactness as well as reliability.

Westerbeke’s low-CO gasoline-fuelled generators significantly reduce toxic carbon monoxide emissions and ensure that yachting is safer for your loved ones, you, your guests as well as the environment! Westerbeke’s ground-breaking engineering as well as electronic fuel injection ensures that this breakthrough in gas marine generator safety is made possible.

Discerning boat manufacturers will vouch for the fact that Westerbeke is their generator of choice regardless of whether it is utilized for commercial ships, pleasure craft or government boat applications nowadays.

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