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Being a core-service and management company – it has always been WCMYS’ endeavor to be a step ahead in terms of Human Resources Planning and Training.
This year, 12 of our team members underwent the MMB Masters Examination and passed with flying colors.
Team Members who gave the examination and passed:
1.    Yousuf
2.    Akhlakh
3.    Kamlakar
4.    Munil
5.    Anil
6.    Dinesh
7.    Randhir
8.    Prabhash
9.    Rushikesh
10.    Mushtaq
11.    Pravin
12.    Hirachand

At the same time, the Yamaha Marine team conducted exclusive training for 2 members of the team – our Chief Technical Officer, Jamshed Maloo and Sachin Fernandes.
This Advance Technical Training was held over 2 weeks – and had intensive modules that were imparted for the Yamaha high-power 250HP and 350HP Out-Board Motors.
Using high-tech diagnostic equipment – a Yamaha Marine specialist imparted knowledge on the best and largest out-board motors that currently abound the international market.
This exclusive training session shows Yamaha’s continuing commitment to India, and increases our renowned technical prowess in the technical field of pleasure-boating.
The WCMYS Team wishes it’s now most qualified staff and MMB certified pool of Captains great success in providing value to our customers…