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Catamarans have an innate quality of sweeping its users of their feet due to their simplicity and spaciousness. You get more boat per boat! Since 1994, Nautitech have specialized in creating catamaran designs that create the right balance in terms of luxury and pleasure for guests on-board. Armed with their long experience in the world of catamarans, Nautitech has made a number of choices, knowing that safety, comfort and aesthetic qualities are all possible on the one boat.

Some of the undisputed advantages of the catamarans are: they are fast; level sailing is possible due to the multi-hull design, view of the sea from all the central space, easy handling in the marina, thanks to two engines, separation of accommodation, which avoids crowding, safety for children, space on the deck and the netting, etc.

More importantly from our context, Nautitech Catamarans allow more space to have fun and entertain your family and guests thanks to the increase in usable volume. Be it a large motor-yacht or a mono-hull sail-yacht, a catamaran would allow you increased comfort levels at par of larger yachts than its size. Also, catamarans are beneficial for guests who are new to the seas; thanks to their balance and design the reduced rocking and rolling allows them to get acclimatized easily to the waters.

Most advantageous is the fact that they are cheaper to own and management; plus they have an excellent resale value when you want to upgrade to a larger catamaran.

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