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With the economic recovery well on its way, the outlook for the leisure boating industry is looking up. Around the corner is the IMF Boating Days ’10. With an on-water venue off the Gateway of India, and on-ground display in south Mumbai – the IMF Boating Days is a fabulous platform to take the pleasure-boating scene in the country another step ahead.

The IMF Boating Days is the first industry led show and is supported by 80% of the Indian pleasure-boating industry. The show will be in part a display of boats, yachts and other associated products, as well as a seminar chaired and attended by leading figures in the international Marine industry. In essence this is an event that by the boating industry, for the boating industry…companies within the boating-industry have decided to look beyond and make a sea-change, and have gotten together to make a positive change.

Come check out all the different leisure boating options at the IMF Boating Days

In the coming weeks we will also see the first round of the selection trials for the Asian Games contenders. Let’s wish them ‘fair winds’ for they are the boys and girls that will make us proud later in the year.